SKYLANDERS TRAP TEAM trap master KA-BOOM Activision superchargers toy - NEW!

  • Trap Master Ka-Boom from Skylanders Trap Team
  • Comes with Skylander card and sticker!
  • Can be used with the Fire trap!
  • Age 6+
  • Made by Activision

Capture Evil, unleash good with Skylanders Trap Team! Kaos has blown up the walls of the feared Cloudcracker Prison freeing the most notorious villains in Skylands. It's up to you and the Skylanders to find and capture them. Using Traptanium, a magic material that can harness the power of the Elements, you have the amazing ability to trap the villains and return them to Skylands to fight for you!


Kaboom hails from an ancient volcanic island known as Munitions Forge where he and his people crafted machinery that was used all throughout Skylands. But the ruthless Captain Ironbeard wanted the forge for himself so he could build an unstoppable pirate armada. With a fleet of pirate ships approaching, Kaboom went to work, creating the greatest anti-pirate weapon ever forged - The Boom Cannon! When Ironbeard arrived with his invaders, Kaboom met them at the edge of the docks with his cannon lowered, still smoldering red hot from having just come out of the fire. One by one, he sank their ships until Captain Ironbeard finally retreated. Now as a valued member of the Trap Team, Kaboom uses his Red Hot Traptanium Cannon to blast evil in the broadsides!

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Brand Activision
Theme Skylanders
Type of product Video Games & Accessories
Identifier (EAN/UPC/ISBN) 047875871922
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SKYLANDERS TRAP TEAM trap master KA-BOOM Activision superchargers toy - NEW!