Welcome to AKtion Toys!

Who are we? What do we believe in?

AKtion Toys is a family business based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. Although we are currently only small in comparison to our more well known national chain competitors, we have well defined principles that guide how we select our product ranges.

Our overiding goal is to provide the type of toys we, the owners, would have been pleased to have when we were children. This means we like all our toys to bring a child happiness through instant character recognition, triggering of memories, providing companionship and inspiring imagination through playtime. Many of our ranges also allow children to collect characters they may even want to keep or build upon beyond childhood.

We only source quality branded products so that our customers know what to expect when they receive their order. However, we also try to bring those toys for sale at reasonable prices. We guarantee you will always get the item pictured for sale, as we don't send out random characters from the manufacturer's assortments. This does mean that occasionally some characters are more expensive than others but you'll have peace of mind knowing you'll get the one you want rather than the ones always left on the shelf at a shop nobody else wanted! This also means we can often sell the less popular characters for a cheaper price!

Being a small company we are able to provide quick and efficient customer service. You won't have to wait days for your query to be answered, we know what we are talking about, as we personally deal with many aspects of your orders. We'll always aim to send out your orders within 1 working day and provide tracking information. If you have special requirements we may be able to cater for those too.

We hope all our customers enjoy their toys, whether they are young or old! We love to hear how the gift of play brings happiness - let us know!

Who is the robot and how can I get to know him?

Ah, we nearly forgot him! He would never stop reminding us of that mistake if we had - let's introduce the little chap.

Well then.... his name is T0-Y5. He has plenty of things to say, so if you follow us on Twitter and Facebook you'll find out more about what he likes and how he keeps us in check!

Just one thing - best not mention the time we locked him out by accident and it rained. He's made of metal and doesn't like water.....

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